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A "DIY Backyard Obstacle Course" tip sheet A one-minute video on spring cleaning your diet A one-minute video on choosing the right ride

Recipe of the Month

Shamrock Smoothie

The creaminess of the banana and the tangy kiwi make this an exceptionally tasty smoothie.

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March Crossword Puzzle

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How well do you know the topics
covered in this issue of the newsletter?

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March Article Links
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Spring clean the kitchen, starting with the refrigerator
Take a 'CAN'-do attitude toward healthful eating
Put your exercise goals in writing to help make good on them
Encourage kids to exercise to help keep them emotionally fit
Don't take kidney health for granted
Freshen sheets for more refreshing sleep
Before covering up with cosmetics, uncover the truth about them
Buck the trend and end pain
Village Garden Shop coloring page
Financial planning not as popular as it should be
Financial Goal-Setting Worksheet
Pay off debt or invest?
Plug up spending leaks you may not realize you have
Homemade meals may be the way to go
Detergent pods could pose a danger for young children

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